The next generation in e-commerce platforms, BigCommerce is a back-end solution that will allow you to sculpt your new website to meet all your specifications, and Glendale Designs is here to help you set up that vision. Through offering a “headless” solution for your content management system, BigCommerce allows you to have complete control over the experience you deliver to your customers. No longer tied to rigid design themes or templates, we can expertly craft the eCommerce site you’ve always dreamt of, offering your customers the type of content that will draw them in and keep them coming back!

Flexibility And Versatility To Grow Your Dreams

  • B2B or B2C Solutions: With custom solutions to fulfill both business-to-business and business-to-consumer needs, you’re sure to find the level of service necessary to power your eCommerce store.
  • Headless Commerce:  BigCommerce is at the forefront of the new headless commerce era, by offering you a back-end system that lets you craft and build a custom experience for your users without being tied to a theme.
  • Multiple Stores for Maximum Diversity: Through decoupling the presentation layer of their system, you can run multiple stores on multiple platforms, all from one BigCommerce account.
  • Powerful API Systems: A robust system of APIs and more than 400 API calls per second means Glendale Designs can help you customize and connect to any 3rd-party tool.
  • Multi-Channel Selling: Working closely with Facebook, Amazon, Google, Instagram, Walmart and other 3rd-party marketplace channels, BigCommerce, allows you to stay ahead of the competition. Keep up-to-date with automatic inventory syncs to make sure you don’t over-sell across your sales avenues.
  • Mobile Optimization: Stay ahead of the curve with the latest features in mobile optimizations and responsiveness.
  • Storefront Conversion Tools: Turn your visitors into spenders with powerful built-in conversion tools. Offer coupons and discounts, easy drag-and-drop merchandising functionality, and an advanced faceted search to make sure your customers are seeing the items you want them to see, and are taking them right to the checkout.
  • International Focus to Broaden Your Reach: Supporting more than 250 currencies from over 129 countries means your shoppers around the world can feel right at home. Have Glendale Designs integrate language and shipping APIs to make sure you never miss a sales opportunity.
  • Unbeatable Speed:  Through operating on a High Availability (HA) infrastructure, BigCommerce can deliver a 99.99% uptime, and outstanding resiliency to ensure you are there when your customers need you.
  • Safe and Secure: Keep your data backed up and secure with two data centers, a third-party back up, and ISO/PCI compliance.

Providing you with a strong commerce core to handle the rigors of day-to-day operation, and state-of-the-art design capabilities, BigCommerce has what it takes to grow with you. From a start-up or small business to an enterprise level site, Glendale Designs can build and customize a truly unique eCommerce experience, beyond what you thought was possible. Contact us today to get started.


Flexibility and versatility so your business can grow.