There’s no point in having an online store full of beautiful products and killer deals if your customers can’t find what they are looking for. Take the frustration and complication out of detailed online searches with SearchSpring’s intuitive e-commerce site search and merchandising. With comprehensive facets, advanced product discovery, and expert visual merchandising solutions, SearchSpring can help transform your site into a truly enjoyable shopping experience. 

Glendale Designs has years of expertise in incorporating and integrating SearchSpring into existing e-commerce stores. We can help you set up and populate your custom fields, facets, and product attributes to ensure you get the most out of SearchSpring’s system.

SearchSpring will deliver the results you AND your customers want!

  • Smart Search Features: SearchSpring has unmatched search intelligence. The search bar will be able to differentiate between product types, attributes, brands, category and more, the same way a salesperson would.
  • Error Detection and Correction: Being able to detect and correct spelling errors in the search bar allows your customers to find the products they are looking for without the frustration of seeing a “zero results” page because of a simple typo.
  • Evolving Search: Even though SearchSpring starts off smart, there’s always room to grow. As shoppers use your search function, the search bar will remember those habits and continue to evolve by recognizing trends.
  • Customize Your Product Results: Personalize the search results based on what you want to promote. Move products to the front of the queue so shoppers see them first, without sacrificing the result relevancy.
  • Visual Autocomplete: SearchSpring will collect search data to understand what your customer wants before they can even finish typing it in. Predictive Autocomplete will show your customers that best match what they are looking for so they can find what they need faster. 
  • Search Term Synonyms: The use of synonyms will bridge the gaps between regions of your shoppers. While a customer from Canada might search for a ‘toque’, and an American may search for a ‘beanie’, SearchSpring will know they are both looking for a snug, knitted cap, and provide them with those results.
  • Custom Product Organization:  Merchandise your products online the same way you would with a showroom in a brick and mortar store. Sort your items by aesthetics, similar products, best sellers etc. with the easy drag-and-drop controls.
  • Override Results with Pin Products: Keep your top sellers, highest margin products, or sale items up at the top where they can shine despite the search results, by pinning the products. 
  • Promotional Campaigns:  Set a time and date or automatically post a promotional campaign using custom banners and artwork on category and search pages, with the option of redirecting the shopper to a specific category or item.
  • Detailed Facets for Precise Results: Tag your products with as many or as few facets as you want to customize your search results, allowing your customers to narrow down their results and find exactly what they are looking for every time.
  • Mobile-Friendly Searches: More and more sales are coming from mobile devices.  Make sure you aren’t left behind, with SearchSpring’s adaptive functionality across all device platforms.
  • Universal Platform Integration:  SearchSpring integrates with every platform. They regularly integrate with a wide variety of eCommerce platforms; let the developers at Glendale take care of the platform-specific data connections to get you up and running in no time.

A happy browser translates to a satisfied customer; let SearchSpring help convert your site visitors into spenders and repeat shoppers by showing them the products they are looking for, and the ones they didn’t know they needed.

Contact us today to discuss and schedule a demo of a truly smart search experience.