You work hard to attract customers to your website, to make sure they see your products and have an enjoyable shopping experience. Make your job easier and keep those hard-earned customers coming back for more by offering a little something extra with Zinrelo. Zinrelo’s innovative points-based reward system encourages your shopper to return again and again, promote your social media, participate in your online community, and invite their friends, which means more views and more sales for you. Let Glendale Designs take the lead in your installation and integration with our team of experts, who are on call to tailor the software to your site and your brand.

Loyalty and rewards mean more sales for you, with Zinrelo

  • Rewards For Repeat Transactions: 
    Encourage customer retention with rewards and loyalty points for repeat purchases and returning customers.
  • Boost Social Media Interaction
    Social media is quickly becoming the most effective way to market your business. Reward reviews, feedback, recommendations, likes and follows to help spread your brand.
  • Referral Rewards to Grow Your Market:
    Offering points for referrals encourages your customers to spread the good word about your company. They benefit from the referral, and you benefit from the new customer! It’s a win-win!
  • Increase Your Revenue per Customer:
    Earn more from every customer; Zinrelo increases revenue per customer by an average of 240%.
  • Customization and Flexibility: 
    Choose what to reward your customers for, how much of a reward they earn for each activity.
  • Offer the Chance to Level Up:
    Benefit from the competitive aspect of today’s culture by providing tiers. Give your customers the chance to level up to a higher tier and earn special rates and exclusive discounts.
  • Easy Integrations:  
    The simple built-in integration system works seamlessly with your current e-commerce, site, POS system, email service and more. The Glendale team can incorporate the Zinrelo software into a new or existing site for a smooth and effortless experience.
  • Simple Operation with the Zinrelo Admin Console:
    The Zinrelo interface allows you to manage activities, set rewards, send emails, adjust points and expirations, and edit your members all in one place.
  • Multi-Language Capabilities: 
    Your shoppers will feel right at home when they see their rewards dashboard presented in their chosen language.
  • Customize To Match Your Brand: 
    The Glendale developers can edit the colors, text, placement and end-user dashboard to match the Zinrelo rewards system to your existing brand as well as integrate 3rd party to 3rd party communication, if required.
  • Member Profile Drill-Down:
    Get a comprehensive and clear view of each of your customers’ overall value. View their purchase history, referrals, reviews, rewards tier, social media interaction and more.
  • Available for Small or Enterprise Businesses:  
    Choose the plan that works best for your needs by selecting from the small business and enterprise tiers.

Adding a points rewards system will increase customer loyalty, decrease your marketing costs through social media interaction, and help you create a community based around your brand.  Click here to let Zinrelo help take your store to the next level.